In this tutorial I show you how to record your computer screen and your on-screen narration, or “talking head” AT THE SAME TIME, using just QuickTime Player on the Mac.

QuickTime Player is a simple, little media creation tool, with remarkable capabilities, that comes bundled with your Mac for free! You can use it to record high-quality audio, video, your computer screen, or ALL three at the same time!

That’s right! Using only QuickTime Player on the Mac you can record your computer screen, microphone audio, and your webcam, TOGETHER – to create that picture-in-picture-style video you see so often in webinars, online courses, and many YouTube videos.

BONUS: How To Record Computer Sound In QuickTime Player Screen Recordings (Mac)

The above tutorial shows you how to include only microphone sound in your final screen recording. If want to include computer sounds – from an application, or a video – you’re going to need an additional piece of software. QuickTime Player can’t record computer sound on its own. At least, not at the time of writing this post.

If you really want to know how to record computer sounds using the QuickTime Player Screen Recorder on the Mac, I created a detailed tutorial that shows exactly how to do that, using an additional piece of FREE software.

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