If you create corporate training, online courses, or Do-It-Yourself tutorials for your YouTube channel, you know how hard it is to make a good instructional video, or “learning video” as I like to call them. The challenge is always the same. “How do I make my video a satisfying learning experience?” Well, I may have the answer for you.

In my experience, an effective learning video contains 4 key elements:

1. Takeaway

This is the valuable procedure, concept, or principal you’re trying to teach your audience. An effective learning video has a takeaway that is specific, concrete, and useable.

2. Significance

An effective learning video tells the viewer, up front, why they should watch. Why the content is important. It clearly explains what’s in it for them.

3. Structure

Structure is essentially the order in which you present the information in your learning video. An effective learning video has a structure that fits the content, and is easy to follow.

4. Imagery

This is the old “show me, don’t just tell me” thing. An effective learning video doesn’t just talk at you. It shows, it illustrates, it demonstrates, it renders abstract ideas as moving pictures. And that’s very powerful.

Michael Kinney

Michael is an award-winning media creator with 30 years of professional video production experience. He's written, produced, directed, hosted, recorded, and edited a variety of media projects - from TV documentaries to interactive learning.

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  • Very good Michael! I have used Keynote Speaker for many presentations I have done in churches and schools. However, I am wanting to start some You Tube videos and I plan on watching more of your training videos! Thanks so much. – Ray

    • Thanks for the comment, Ray! If you’re interested in making YouTube videos using Apple Keynote, then you’ll want to stay tuned. I’m working on some training you may be interested in. Cheers, Michael