Camtasia is an excellent tool for creating screencast videos. But what makes it interesting to me are its interactive features. You can use Camtasia to create a video quiz, or interactive video with clickable hotspots. Powerful stuff!

The challenge, however, is sharing your interactive Camtasia project with you audience. You can’t just post it on YouTube. YouTube just handles video files.

Interactive Camtasia videos contain:

  • Video files
  • JavaScript files
  • HTML
  • CSS

A lot of code that won’t work on YouTube.

So, really the only other option to play your interactive Camtasia video online is to put it on a website. And that’s what I show you how to do in this video. I show you how to put an interactive Camtasia project on a WordPress site.

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Michael Kinney

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  • yeah but how do you do it manually without using pcloud?

    im using a hostgator shared hosting through my reseller hosting. i can’t get it to work.

  • Hi!

    Your videos have been so helpful! My question is, now that I have created my video with interactive features, I want to send it to my boss to look over before we publish on our website. When I send the HTML link and file for him to use to view the video in his IE browser, the screen is black and a message comes up that says we can’t find……Please make sure you’re using the correct location or web address.

    Is there a way I can share the video with interactive features, with others before putting on a website?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Amy, are you sending the entire project folder, or just the html link? You should send the entire exported project folder. Then instruct your boss to open the folder and double-click the index.html file. MK